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The Cost Of Promiscuity
In the name of Jesus we must VERBALLY sever soul ties with all sexual partners we had before salvation and not yoke (be friends) with the UnGodly. (2 Corinth 6:14) Christian are aware what happens during sex goes far beyond a few moments of pleasure. As we become "one flesh" with another, we inherit any curse that person may be under. You have, in fact spiritually married them. If claimed by the Kingdom of Darkness, you have now become one with them in your tryst and also their curse. Condoms do not protect you from this. Children inherit unclean spirits in them as a direct result of this behavior. The good news is Jesus can restore all you have lost through demonic encounters and manipulation. God desires everyone prospers spiritually, physically and financially and spent much time healing the sick and casting out demons. Satan and the people he operates through has made it easy for society to deviate from God's will and are paying the price within their very own lives and body for their disobedience.
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Matthew 18:20 - Where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.
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