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Christians go directly to Jesus Christ in prayer. No one needs to run to a church house, see a priest, the help of the Virgin Mary, or the works of supererogation of the Saints. Jesus did away with religion. This loving community of non denomination Christians removes all obstacles against God's lost sons and daughters. Church houses insist upon faithfulness to their church house, tithing, celibacy, etc. to be saved, ignoring it's God's Grace that saves all believers. Not works. Jesus saves and delivers everyone who calls on Him in faith regardless affliction or personal life. Bible tells us once saved always saved. Church podiums are not "God's Alter," nor is any church house "Holy Ground," no matter how it's made to appear to the eye, giving money or "Sowing Seeds" to prophets or preachers in return for windfall financial blessings 6 months to a year later is not of God. Your sins will be blamed when it does not happen. God is not a respecter of persons or denominations. Christianity is a personal relationship between you and Jesus alone.

So what are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are You On Facebook?
No! Christian Internet Cafe is a stand alone community of men and women all ages worldwide!

Is This A Dating Site?
Christian Internet is not a dating site but romance happens in any community where men and women interact and is also encouraged in our romance connection for intimacy and romance loving Christians all ages which is available to members of this community. We are a non denomination Christian community and believe non denomination Christians must mingle, date and marry other non denomination Christians only.

Can Anyone Join?
Everyone who adds a prayer request to Christian Internet is joined in their prayer. Only non denomination Christians can be part of community and is why we require offering or donation for inclusion. They who do not belong to God will not give. It's that simple. Light cannot commune with Darkness. They are contradictory, mutually exclusive, and enemies.

How Do I Meet Others?
Send community an email to begin private 1 on 1 exchanges.

Further Questions?
Contact Us!

Happy Jesus Day!!

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